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2016 is expected to be a year to truly change the IT industry in several ways. No business models from the past can truly cover the multitude of factors that change will bring about. Here are a list of the ten most influential trends that will impact businesses in the closest foreseeable future.

1. Big data analytics

Big data is currently emerging everywhere and is applicable in a wide range of sectors. Algorithms will perform work better than most people do in many jobs. 30% of the top-20 firms in most industries will be disrupted by industry-specific data platforms by 2018

2. Social intelligence

Social media has during the past years taken a more central role resulting in a more customer centric focus. However, to leverage on social media platforms, businesses need to mine the data to identify and learn more about current and potential customers

3. 3D printing

3D-printing is revolutionizing manufacturing in various sectors with lower costs and advances in materials such as carbon fiber, electronics, biological and pharmaceuticals to name a few

4. Internet of things

Our gadgets and surrounding environment are constantly getting more connected to the web. The network of connected ‘things’ is growing with roughly 30% every year and with smarter technology will soon support us in everything we do

5. Cloud computing

Cloud computing is no longer solely refer to Software-as-a-Service. The cloud is taking new shapes (Platform-as-a-service and Infrastructure-as-a-service) and the technology is getting cheaper and more scalable. Almost everything is starting to find its way into the clouds

6. The sharing economy

The new generation has shown strong tendencies that they no longer have the urge of owning things, instead they share and use things when needed. This collaborative consumption is provided through peer-2-peer platforms and two well known such players are AirBnB and Uber are driving this change

7. Mobile payments

Cash and cards are old, boring and unsecure. The future of payment belongs to Mobile payments, driven by tech giants such as Google, Apple and Samsung. Soon, your wallet has change shape into a mobile app

8. Hyperlocal marketing

A technology that track mobile devices and provide these with addressed offerings, based on your specific locations on a micro local scale. iBeacon is one example

9. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is the new way for newcomers to access start-up capital, and a way that truly challenges the traditional venture capitalists. Kickstarter is one of the main crowdfunding platforms

10. Wearables

Wearable devices are getting smarter and can now be found in many different shapes. You have probably heard of Google glass, Nike fuel band, Apple watch…These are just the beginning, wearables are here to stay!

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