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Virtual restaurants are on the rise

Food delivery services like Uber Eats and Foodora have quickly changed the way many urban livings consume food and now it has resulted in a new type of restaurant, the virtual restaurant. This is since they only exist in the food delivery apps and have no physical touchpoints with the clients.

The rise of food delivery has undoubtedly provided with an increase in demand for take away restaurants and an opportunity for them to cut costs. If the trend continues, how will it affect physical restaurants that are stuck with their high fixed costs?

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IKEA betting big on the smart home

IKEA has for years now been experimenting with their role in the smart home, with speakers, lights and chargers. Now they are committing full-on and have launched a new business unit that will be completely dedicated to smart home products.

Peter van der Poel, Manager IKEA Range & Supply and Managing Director IKEA of Sweden AB, said;

“It’s the “biggest” new unit since the Children’s IKEA division”

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