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Instagram launches e-commerce

Instagram has now launched its new in-app checkout function, where you can buy what you see in the images and pay directly in the app. The feature will initially be launched in the US with 23 brands, including Nike, Zara and H&M (and yes, Instagram will charge for each transaction that is being executed).

Until now, Instagram’s big business has been advertising and it will continue to be their main business, but the potential in complementing the advertising offer with a checkout function is definitely big.

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Google launched their take on the gaming industry (Apple next week?)

This week, Google showed that the future of casual gaming is probably not gaming consoles and expensive gaming computers, instead you will stream the games. Google plans to launch its cloud-based game streaming service (Google Stadia) in 2019 and all devices that can run google chrome will have access to it.

How Google will charge for the service and how much is still unclear though, and the biggest challenge for this kind of service is going to be the internet connection. However, that may partly be resolved with 5G.

Reports also claim Apple will be launching a new premium gaming service next week, most likely not cloud-based though.

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