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Tesla week!

The big Tesla news this week is of course the announcement of the crossover size Model Y. The new model is very similar to the model 3, just a bit bigger. Pricing starts at $47,000 and release is planned for next year. However, you will have to wait longer if you want that cheap version as the more premium builds are prioritized first in production.

The performance version which does 0-60 in a crazy (as per usual with Tesla) 3.5 seconds will sell for $60,000. “It [model Y] has the functionality of an SUV, but it will ride like a sports car”, Elon said. OH, and in case you didn’t see it coming, the Tesla line-up now spells S3XY.

In other Tesla-news, after having said that most physical stores will be shut down Tesla has re-called this statement and will now “only be shutting down about half as many” and instead raise prices by about 3% globally. Not a very re-assuring way of communicating, especially after news surfacing that Tesla was “on the hook for about $1.5 billion worth of leases”. Did they sort of just forget about that when announcing the first move..?

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The competition in video streaming increases

Apple will most probably launch its own video streaming service on the apple event scheduled March 25th, and Apple is working on deals with the likes of HBO and Showtime. One reason behind this is of course to obtain greater control and knowledge of the users.

However, as Apples revenues streams have switched more and more to services thanks to the App Store this announcement should come to no surprise when you understand that as of this year Netflix (used to be Apple’s top grossing app) will no longer pay the so called “Apple tax”. This means Apple will lose out on millions of dollars in very cheap App Store revenue.

In 3 years Apple was able to pick one fifth of the music streaming market share (19%, Q2 2018). It will be very interesting to see how well they succeed in video!

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Officials in Georgia pay to get rid of ransomware

Our thread on cyber security continues with news from last week in Jackson County, Georgia, where officials ended up paying cyber criminals $400,000 to regain control over IT-systems.

“The infection forced most of the local government’s IT systems offline, with the exception of its own website and 911 emergency system.”

And they have not yet been able to identify how the hackers were able to deploy the software, which was identified as a ‘Ryuk’ infection.

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