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Anti-vaxxers drive measles outbrakes

Fear of vaccines is growing across the globe and in some cases it is becoming a growing problem. WHO announced that last year measles cases almost doubled in Europe, with more than 41000 cases. The US has an organized movement against vaccines while in Europe mostly fear, misconception and word of mouth is driving the change in attitude.

“Italy, France and Serbia, for example, have lower child-vaccinations rates than Burundi, Rwanda and Senegal.”

Now some tech giants are taking a stand, in February alone YouTube, Pinterest and Facebook have all announced actions to hinder the anti-vaxxer movement on their platforms. Let’s hope this and some common sense can slow this dangerous trend!

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Oneweb is about to deliver global internet coverage from space

OneWeb is working on developing a large network of satellites with the purpose of beaming back 5G-internet back to earth with a global coverage. The first launch succeeded this week deploying 6 satellites in orbit around earth. The plan is to expand the satellite network to more than 650 satellites by 2020. To get there, the plan is to launch more than 30 satellites per rocket launch. Space-X has similar plans, we’ll see who wins the race.

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Netflix wins big at Oscars

A recurring topic in the feed is the ongoing disruption of the entertainment industry and Netflix is undoubtedly part of it. After totally having changed the way we consume movies and series they have seriously entered movie production, and they are really competing with the established giants. On this year’s Oscars Academy Awards, Netflix received 15 nominations and toke home with three trophies. Tech players are certainly taking larger parts of the value chain, what will be left for the old giants?

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