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Google got fined under GDPR, and state of security 2019

Google got fined €50 million for violating GDPR, the biggest fine yet and the first time any of the big tech companies gets a fine. GDPR still not being 100% clear combined with some who will test its limits will mean more fines to come.
As some may know we follow the cybersecurity field on this feed and a recent a16z (investment company) blog post gives us a glance in to security 2019. Apparently, a number of analyst fear that we are entering a new “new cold war” where China and Russia are (so far) prominent actors.

“These groups appear to be refining their operational security practices and looking to better mask attribution of their attacks.”

This field will keep growing and in some cases companies must go from a compliance-based approach to a security-based approach. More trends:

  • Attackers will disrupt Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) devices using vulnerabilities in cloud infrastructure and hardware
  • Attacks targeting industrial control systems will become a rising concern
  • The first full 4% of income penalty under GDPR will be fined
  • Attackers will exploit artificial intelligence systems and use AI to aid assaults

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Auto execs predict major changes

Last week, Volkswagen and Ford presented their new partnership. This is something we will see more off according to recently published Global Automotive Executive Survey, where 1000 senior executives 2000 customers within the automotive industry participated.

The survey indicates that market players will have to find their role in the value chain rather than doing everything, driven by the transformation towards electrification and transportation as a service. Another finding from the study is that car dealers as we know them will die out, 30-50% could be gone as soon as 2025.

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